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Fantastic Services Maintenance division develop and manage maintenance plans specific to each client and asset. Our experience in the maintenance sector enables us to build a plan that meets your specific needs and requirements. Fantastic Services provides advice on asset functionality and performance improvements.

Our Maintenance division includes:

Management systems

Fantastic Services Maintenance Management System provides a seamless and cost effective service ensuring maximum productivity, financial savings and fewer disruptions, increasing the economical lifespan of the building.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance plans reduce the frequency of breakdown events, resulting in fewer disruptions, increased asset lifespan, financial savings and increased productivity.

Reactive maintenance

With Fantastic Services experience in the maintenance sector, it provides its clients with prompt and accurate defective and fault correction services to rectify unexpected failures and breakdowns within their buildings.

Project works

Fantastic Services provides seamless management of capital works projects with its routine maintenance and repairs for both small and large scale capital works. A 24-hour help desk ensures that we are there fulfilling the specific needs and requirement of our clients resulting in meticulous quality and rigorous compliance auditing.

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